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We fit cat flaps into glass doors & windows across Glasgow, Bearsden, Milngavie & Clydebank.

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We provide a very professional cat flap fitting service across Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire & surrounding areas.

If you would like to discuss fitting a cat flap, just give us a call on 0141 959 1414.


How do you fit a cat flap?

Fitting a cat flap in Glasgow is relatively straightforward:

  • Firstly, you need to choose your cat flap.
  • After we have the dimensions, we cut a new glass panel to fit your door or window.
  • Depending on your doors or windows, this may be a double glazed unit or toughened glass.
  • It’s not possible to cut a hole in your existing glass panel, and we’d always advise using safety glass.
  • We then cut a hole into the glass – this obviously needs to be the right dimensions for your cat flap & in the right position on the glass panel.
  • Finally, we fit the glass into place & install the cat flap.
  • Top tip: keep the old panel of glass (or sealed unit), so you can swap the glass if you move.

We’re happy to come & measure up to give you an accurate quotation. In the first instance, it can really help if you can email a photo prior to us visiting.


cat flaps fitted Glasgow - D&N Glass Co
cat flap hole in sealed unit - D&N Glass Co, Glasgow

We can fit all types of cat flap

  • Manually operated cat flaps. These are simply pushed open by your cat. While less expensive, there’s nothing to stop other cats using this entrance (so may not be the best option if there are lots of cats in the area).
  • Magnet & infrared operated cat flaps. Your cat needs to wear collar with a manget or infrared device. When close enough to the cat flap, the flap unlocks and allows your cat to enter (or exit). This can help deter other cats from visiting, but can also be activated by other cats with magnets or infrared devices on their collars.
  • Microchip operated cat flaps. These cat flaps are programmed to recognise your cat’s microchip, and can even work with multiple chips if you have a few cats in your home.
  • We can install cat flaps created by all the major brands, including Sureflap, PetSafe, Cat Mate & Pet Mate etc


where Can a cat flap be fitted?

When it comes to deciding where you’d like a cat flap fitted, you have lots of options.

  • Glass door panel (single or double glazed)
  • A uPVC panel can usually be swapped for a glass double glazed glass panel
  • Windows – often a useful option for people in ground floor or basement flats.
  • All types of patio & bi-folding doors


cat flap installation Glasgow - D&N Glass Co
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If you have any questions regarding fitting a cat flap in Glasgow or the surrounding areas, please get in touch.

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