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We fit window fans & vents into glass windows across Glasgow, Bearsden, Milngavie & Clydebank.

If you’re looking to have a window fan or vent fitted, please get in touch.

We provide a very professional fitting service for window vents & fans across Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire & surrounding areas.

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How do you fit a window fan?

Fitting a window fan in Glasgow is relatively straightforward:

  • Firstly, you need to choose the type of fan or vent. You have a choice of electric, pull on/pull off or permanent ventilation.
  • On the packaging or technical specifications, the manufacturer will advise the diameter of hole that needs to be cut into the glass.
  • Depending on your doors or windows, this may be a double glazed unit or single glazed glass.
  • If it’s single glazed, we may be able to cut a hole in the glass in situ (however, this is not possible for toughened glass).
  • If you have double or triple glazing, we would just build a new sealed unit with a hole.
  • Finally, we fit the glass into place & install the fan.
  • If you’re fitting an electric fan, you’d need an electrician to complete the wiring,

We’re happy to come & measure up to give you an accurate quotation. In the first instance, it can really help if you can email a photo prior to us visiting.


venta-a-matic rotary window fan installation - D&N Glass Co
vent-axia kitchen window fan Glasgow - Fitting By D&N Glass Co

We can fit all types of window fans & vents

  • Permanent ventilation fans. These fans provide constant ventilation, which is required by housing regulations in some kitchens.
  • Intermittent ventilation fans can be turned on or off as required. Some models are electric while others require a manual switch.
  • Electric window fans, which can be great at efficiently extracting odours and moisture laden air from kitchens & bathrooms.


where Can a window fan be fitted?

Window fans can be fitted in any room where you need to improve the ventilation. By law, some kitchens need to have permanent ventilation due to gas cookers or boilers. However, an extractor fan is a great way or removing condensation & cooking odours.

We also fit a lot of window fans & vents in bathrooms, particularly if it’s not possible for a ceiling extractor fan to be fitted.

If you have any questions around what’s possible, please give us a call.


Vent-a-matic Static Ventilator Glasgow - fitting by D&N Glass Co
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If you have any questions regarding fitting window fans or vents in Glasgow or the surrounding areas, please get in touch.

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